Program Events Guidelines


Use the following standards / actions when planning Program Committee events:


Flyers & Mailings:

                    Separate flyers for each event, do not mail with the newsletter. Printed in the Alcoa Copy Center 2nd floor.

                    Flyers are to be printed in black and white only no color copies except for the Christmas Luncheon Program. For emphasis, have flyers printed on colored paper.

                    All reservation flyers are to include a specific deadline for reservations as well as a cancellation deadline after which no money will be refunded.

                    Mailings (except for Christmas Luncheon) are to 15- - - and 16- - - Zip Codes in Western Pennsylvania. K. Kukich has the program to run only these labels.

                    Give the PARC treasurer the job sheets from duplicating for the flyers as well as postage amount (e.g. 580 envelopes @ $.37 each). This is so he can keep track on duplicating and postage expenses for the program events. Kay Kukich will usually have a count of how many members will receive the mailing, and she will provide the labels for the mailings, unless it is to be included with the Newsletter.

                    Be sure to give K. Kukich enough advance notice (one month) to have labels printed for any particular mailing. These labels will be left in your name on the desk in the PARC cubicle on the 5th floor along with the envelopes for the mailing.

                    Include travel insurance info in the flyer

                    Reserve a conference room for the mailing (Bernie 412-553-2638)

                    If help is needed for mailings, call on the PARC members to lend a hand.

                    The Chairperson will know who to call.


The Event:

                    The sponsor of the event must attend it.

                    Guests are always welcome.

                    At the opening of the event, welcome everyone & hype other future events.

                    As far as the price to the participants, most if not all events are to be break even. Inform the Chairperson ASAP if the event looks like it might fall into the red.

                    Mark the check number on the form that people return in case a refund needs to be made.

                    If event is a bus trip, be sure to include the pick up stops in the flyer information and also on the reservation form to be returned so the participant can check his pick-up preference and you will have a record. These pick-up points have usually been North Hills (Cinema Showcase North), Monroeville (Giant Eagle Plaza by Roomful Express, Rte. 22 toward Murrysville from the Turnpike), and South Hills (Holiday Inn, Ft. Couch Road). Times for pick-ups to be discussed with tour agent and these will vary depending on trip involved.

                    When compiled, the list of the participants at the individual pick-up points is sent to the tour agent for their reference on the day of travel.

                    Check with the agent of any surcharges regarding the minimum number of participants for all events especially over night & day trips. Let the Program Committee Chair know so the board can be informed of the risk.

                    All free trips are to be used for driver and escort tips and other amenities (snacks, etc.) for the participants. Event sponsors do NOT receive anything of value from the company for sponsoring the trip.

                    The treasurer of PARC will send check to tour agent for the total minus any free trips. This is the preferred way to pay for the event, let the treasurer write the checks to the tour agents. The expenses involved for the trips (if any) will then be reimbursed to the PARC organizers.

                    L. Hovland will do name tags.

                    Take digital pictures of the event & send to RB Cooper along with a write-up to appear in the next newsletter.


        ALL EXPENSES incurred for which you are due reimbursement must be submitted to the Treasurer with receipts.